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Relish Portugal is an English-language food and flavor online magazine for Portugal lovers everywhere.

Discover hidden-gem producers, hard-to-find products, authentic eateries, creative chefs, ethnic foods, and more. Get inspired by the thriving Portuguese food scene. Create magic in your cozinha (kitchen) and delight your friends and family.

Explore the Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 issue where we're not talking turkey; we're talking honey, humanitarianism, monster waves, and so much more (see the Table of Contents below)!

Pastel de nata. Bacalhau a bras. Cataplana de marisco. Caldo verde. Port. Bica. Ginjinha.
Quiosque. Tasca. Cervejaria. Churrasqueira. Taberna. Restaurante.
Manjericấo. Coentro. Salsa. Erve-Doce. Funcho. Hortelấ. Alecrim. Tomilho. Baunilha.

The world of food in Portugal is exploding. From traditional establishments to newfangled food producers, after arriving in this gorgeous country we found ourselves surrounded by an abundance of delicious options.
What we didn’t find, however, was an English-language foodie-focused publication to help us navigate our daily food lives…so we started one! De nada 🙂

Whether you LOVE Portugal, LIVE in Portugal, or LONG to experience Portugal, if you haven’t already, join our foodie-forward tribe and become a Portugal food scene insider.

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Why Relish Portugal?

It wasn't long after we'd arrived in Portugal that we began to set up our kitchen. That included stocking our pantry. On the surface, that seems pretty basic BUT being in a new country with an unfamiliar language, there were some challenges. When friends came to visit we asked them to bring items that we were having a hard time finding (hello real vanilla extract). But really, how long could that go on? 

Eventually we began to ask around at our favorite cafes and grocery stores, learning where to find what we were looking for and if not available, what to substitute. We expanded our search and our network grew. So did locals' recommendations for out of the way tabernas, ethnic food ingredient sellers, modern shops, vendors offering the freshest fruit, veg, and fish, and more. 

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This is the insider knowledge we share with Relish Portugal Magazine readers. Each issue delivers a wealth of information -- in English -- helping you settle into your life in Portugal. Let our magazine be your personal Portugal food, flavors, and insider tip guide.

About the Relish Portugal Team

We're two American expats that took an extended vacation to Europe and "discovered" Portugal. From the abundance of warm, welcoming people to a variety of delicious dishes and drink, traditional culture and a modernizing approach to craft, we fell in love with this remarkable country. But that didn't make daily life any easier. We needed a practical guide to take us off the tourist-track and we think you might, too.

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