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What we do

Lifestyle Through Food: Your Authentic Portuguese Kitchen

Read a piece by one of Relish Portugal's contributors—artists, makers, chefs, tour operators, educators, writers, podcasters, resource providers, individuals making their way in Portugal; prepare a recipe you found in the 50+ pages of the visually lush magazine; make note of travel and dining recommendations a writer has shared, and you can rest assured, it's the real deal.

Relish Portugal readers learn about Portuguese food and culture from people living it. Some are natives, some are expats, and some have beloved Portuguese ancestry, whether living in Portugal or abroad. And that makes all the difference. It is as authentic as it comes.

Portugal-inspired stories

Sit down with Portuguese-food-loving luminaries and celebrated artisan makers, discover traditional Portuguese towns and tastes, and relish feature stories and interviews in Relish Portugal.


Explore traditional dishes like bacalhau, caldo verde, and piri-piri sauce to Mexican, Thai, and creative cocktails to a chocolate and Port wine pairing from the recipe files of Relish Portugal contributors.

What's inside

Inside every issue of Relish Portugal you'll discover Portugal’s natural wines, a Portuguese language primer for food lovers, local ingredient spotlights, cocktail hour inspiration, and much more.

Between the Pages

You'll learn so much

Portuguese Olive Oil Quiz

What's your Portuguese olive oil IQ? 

Take the Portuguese olive oil quiz and find out!



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Relish Portugal 5 stars

Lisa L.

“Foodies beware, this is wonderfully addicting! The articles are well written and so interesting. It’s like TikTok — I can’t stop!”

Dave J. 

“The excitement builds as I see Relish Portugal in my inbox. I'm blown away that it gets even better from one issue to the next.”

Susan K.

“Received my ‘Relish Portugal” today. Tried to find one ‘must read’ article but they are ALL ‘must reads’. Have you subscribed?”

Elisa S.

“Marvelous and uplifting, full of Portugal’s charms. It makes me homesick. I can’t wait to return.”

Best In The World Gourmand Award Winner

Bruce J. 

“Beautiful and mouthwatering, just feasting on the pages makes me rush to the kitchen!”


The award-winning, English language food and culture magazine for Portugal lovers everywhere, Relish Portugal, is published 4 times a year--January, April, July, and October--and delivered to your email inbox in PDF format. 

An insider’s guide, showcasing the best and brightest in Portugal’s flourishing food renaissance.
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From a delicious spread of our annual 4 issue subscription to single issues from our back issue library, there's plenty for everyone.

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Why did we start Relish Portugal? A personal need.

As an avid eater and home cook in a foreign land, after founder and publisher Evanne Schmarder arrived in Portugal in 2018 she began to set up her kitchen. On the surface, that seems pretty basic BUT being in a new country with an unfamiliar language, there were challenges. She needed guidance to help her navigate her daily food life. Searching for an English language publication, she came up empty-handed. So she started one.

Relish Portugal -- the English language food and culture magazine for Portugal lovers everywhere