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Relish Portugal Jan Feb Mar 2022

Lifestyle Through Food: Your Authentic Portuguese Kitchen 

Sardine Art

“Beautiful and mouthwatering, just feasting on the pages makes me rush to the kitchen!”  

          Bruce J.

Foodies beware, this is wonderfully addicting! The articles are well written and so interesting. It’s like TikTok — I can’t stop!"  

        Lisa L.
Best In The World Gourmand Award Winner

“Received my ‘Relish Portugal’ today. Tried to find one ‘must read’ article but they are ALL ‘must reads’. Got yours yet?”

Susan K.

What's Inside Relish Portugal Magazine?

  • Food For Thought: Portuguese food luminaries across the globe
  • Let's Talk: Portuguese kitchen language lessons
  • Wine Vines: natural, local Portuguese wine know-how
  • Product Spotlight: typical items used in a Portuguese kitchen 
  • Portuguese Makers: a peek into an artisan's workshop
  • Guest Artist: the beauty and creativity of Portugal's artists
  • In Season: what's fresh and now in Portugal markets
  • Local Interest: could be cork, calçada, ceramics, etc.
  • Feature Stories: a deep-dive into Portuguese gastronomy
  • Perspective: first-person expat stories that inspire
  • Recipes: lots of recipes -- some Portuguese, others not so much
  • What's Playing In Your Kitchen: contributor-curated playlists

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Relish Portugal Cover Vol 4 Issue 2
Relish Portugal TOC Vol 4 Issue 2
Relish Portugal Recipes Songs Vol 4 Issue 2

An insider’s guide, showcasing the best and brightest in Portugal’s flourishing food renaissance.

As Authentic As It Comes

Meet a Michelin-starred chef, listen in on a Portugal travel and expat guru, learn about Portugal’s thriving wine and craft beer scene. Discover recipes that have been handed down through the generations and others that are a modern tweak on tradition. Take in the poetry and civility of Portuguese coffee and pastry. Explore seafood, bacalhau, feijoada, arroz de pato, caldo verde, conservas and more. See Portugal's small towns and big cities through a local's eyes. Practice food- and dining-related Portuguese. Get a feel for the real Portugal.

Relish Portugal readers learn about Portuguese food and culture from people living it. Some are natives, some are expats, and some have beloved Portuguese ancestry, whether living in Portugal or abroad. And that makes all the difference. It is as authentic as it comes.

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Why did we start Relish Portugal? A personal need.

As an avid eater and home cook in a foreign land, after founder and publisher Evanne Schmarder arrived in Portugal in 2018 she began to set up her kitchen. On the surface, that seems pretty basic BUT being in a new country with an unfamiliar language, there were challenges. She needed guidance to help her navigate her daily food life. Searching for an English language publication, she came up empty-handed. So she started one.


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