Relish Portugal Magazine FAQs

Have questions about Relish Portugal?
We have answers in this handy-dandy FAQ page.  

1. Who is Relish Portugal for? 

Relish Portugal is an award-winning online food and culture magazine for English-speaking Portugal lovers (and Portugal curious) everywhere. It's not a tourist "what's on" magazine but one designed for those that are curious about / interested in Portuguese kitchens and cooking and enjoy learning about local products and makers.

2. How many issues of Relish Portugal are there? 

Relish Portugal proudly presents 14 Portugal food-filled issues PLUS e-Cookbooks.

Relish Portugal Jul/Aug/Sep 2021 Cover

3. How much do Relish Portugal magazines cost?

$7.97 each. e-Cookbooks and other Pure Portugal publications prices vary. Instantly download your issues and start relishing Portugal.

4. Wowza! I want a bite of Relish Portugal! How can I shop?

Easy. Click here to shop Relish Portugal or on the Shop Relish Portugal button at the top of this page!

5. But I would rather read a printed magazine.
No worries, we've got you covered. Selected issues of Relish Portugal Magazine are available on Amazon.

6. I have some topic ideas for Relish Portugal. Can I share those? 

Yes, please!! We would love to hear about what you'd like to read in the magazine. You can email us at

7. I want to contribute to Relish Portugal. How can I make that happen?

We are always eager to hear from prospective contributors. If you have something to share with Relish Portugal readers please either email us at

8. I want to partner with Relish Portugal. Who do I contact?

Do you have a product or service that would be of interest to our tightly-niched Relish Portugal magazine audience? Please email us at asking about opportunities.