When friends came to visit we asked them to bring items that we were having a hard time finding (hello real vanilla extract). But really, how long could that go on?

Frequently asked about the genesis of the award-winning English language food and culture magazine, Relish Portugal, publisher and expat Evanne Schmarder talks about a personal need. “As an avid eater and home cook in a foreign land, I needed some guidance to help me navigate my daily food life. I came up empty-handed when searching for a regular publication in English so, in 2020, I started one.”

Like so many explorers, searching out the local food scene helps Evanne get to the heart of a destination. In her travels, she’s always interested in the sliver of a sidewalk that’s full of locals sitting at tables, enjoying great conversation over a delicious meal, snack, or coffee or the seemingly mysterious shop full of fascinating food products that she can’t pronounce but simply must try.

When Evanne made the move from California to Lisbon in 2018, her standby kitchen tricks weren’t as reliable as they were in the states. Plenty seemed similar yet there were different approaches (delicious fresh fish but rarely filleted). She was hungry, ready to do a deep dive into the food and flavors of her new home, to prepare in her new kitchen. Evanne began searching for food magazines to educate and assist her but alas, she couldn’t find any that she could read. There were several titles, full of recipes and kitchen tips, but they were all in European Portuguese. So, pooling her past experience and her passion, she decided to start one. And truly, it’s a labor of love. Labor? Of course. Love? Without a doubt.

Evanne’s aim is to provide the information that she personally looks for as an expat home cook. Inside the award-winning online magazine, she offers recipes, ingredient spotlights, stories from food luminaries and everyday food lovers both in Portugal and outside its borders, details about traditional products that aren’t well understood, and where to find non-Portuguese ingredients (hello Chile de Arbol).

This is the insider knowledge she shares with Relish Portugal magazine readers. Each issue delivers a wealth of information -- in English -- helping you settle into your life in Portugal. Let our magazine be your personal Portugal food, flavors, and insider tip guide. After all, it worked for Evanne!

Relish Portugal Founder and Publisher

The award-winning, English language food and culture magazine for Portugal lovers everywhere, Relish Portugal, sports a deep issue library of always relevant stories, recipes, and more. Each issue is instantly downloadable at purchase.