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If you are dreaming of or spending any time in beautiful Portugal you need our Portuguese Discoveries Guide. Be it living in, an extended stay, a vacation or an eventual relocation, chances are you’re eager to explore the flavors on offer. And there are plenty here to please the palette. Certainly you’ll want to explore the many fantastic dining out options but you might also be interested in understanding the food scene from a local’s point of view. 

However, let’s face it, unless we grew up in this gorgeous country we aren’t actually locals. 

We need a guide, some direction, hints and tips, recommendations and observations to find our way...at least at first.

That's what the free Portuguese Discoveries Guide can do for you.

Discoveries Guide Percebes

This nifty guide shares the results of our food searches and experiences as we’ve navigated Portuguese markets and makers. Whether you’re shopping for a picnic or a dinner party, take advantage of what we’ve learned and in no time you’ll be living like a local.

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