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Lifestyle Through Food: Your Authentic Portuguese Kitchen

Food is a fabulous way to get to know a new culture, in our case the gorgeous gastronomy of Portugal.

Meet a Michelin-starred chef, listen in on a Portugal travel and expat guru, learn about Portugal’s thriving wine and craft beer scene. Discover recipes that have been handed down through the generations and others that are a modern tweak on tradition. Take in the poetry and civility of Portuguese coffee and pastry. Explore seafood, bacalhau, feijoada, arroz de pato, caldo verde, conservas and more. See Portugal's small towns and big cities through a local's eyes. Practice food- and dining-related Portuguese. Get a feel for the real Portugal.

Need a foodie friend in Portugal?

 Navigating your food life in a country you've lived in for quite some time is very different than figuring your way around the market, your kitchen, and the dinner table when spending time in a new country, with a unique culinary heritage.

We know that to be true from experience. Becoming part of the fabric is thrilling and sometimes confusing.

Maybe you thought you were coming home with cilantro for a specific dish. Instead, you bought salsa. Logical, but it's parsley. Live and learn.

Relish Portugal demystifies Portuguese gastronomy.

 Relish Portugal provides what we like to call edu-tainment in its highest form.

Open up a copy--or turn to any of our nearly 600 pages of Portugal-food-related stories, recipes, and more--and you'll be rewarded with mouthwatering images, ah-ha news and information, interesting food and travel tips, heartfelt stories, practical kitchen ideas, and artists and makers that are new to you in between our opening Food For Thought section and our closing Perspective story.

Nirvana for the food-minded.

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What's Inside

  • Food For Thought: Portuguese food luminaries across the globe
  • Let's Talk: Portuguese kitchen language lessons
  • Wine Vines: natural, local Portuguese wine know-how
  • Product Spotlight: typical items found in a Portuguese kitchen
  • Portuguese Makers: a peek into an artisan's workshop
  • Guest Artist: the beauty and creativity of Portugal's artists
  • In Season: what's fresh and now in Portugal markets
  • Local Interest: could be cork, calçada, ceramics, etc.
  • Feature Stories: a deep-dive into Portuguese gastronomy
  • Perspective: first-person expat stories that inspire
  • Recipes: lots of recipes -- some Portuguese, others just what's cookin'
  • What's Playing In Your Kitchen: contributor curated Spotify playlists

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  • Pure Portugal Recipe Deck and e-cookbook: 13 delicious downloadable recipe cards plus the recipes in an e-cookbook format featuring authentic Portuguese recipes, many from our contributors' family kitchen.  
  • Cataplana: A Portuguese Icon: beautifully illustrated "Happy Watercolor" cataplana storybook + recipe. 
  • Early access to upcoming guides, e-books, events, and more: subscribers will be the first to know about new items, ideas, products, and other goodies coming your way.

Relish Portugal subscribers receive the magazine and extra goodies for only $37/year.

Looking for that one thing about Portuguese food and gastronomy? We get that.
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In the exciting search for in making her Portuguese kitchen her own, Relish Portugal publisher Evanne Schmarder began to ask around at her favorite cafes and grocery stores, learning where to find what she was looking for and if not available, what to substitute. She expanded her search and her network grew. So did locals' recommendations for out of the way tabernas, ethnic food ingredient sellers, modern shops, vendors offering the freshest fruit, veg, and fish, and more.

This is the insider knowledge she shares with Relish Portugal readers. Each issue delivers a wealth of information -- in English -- helping you settle into your life in Portugal. Let our magazine be your personal Portugal food, flavors, and insider guide. 

Food is culture, let's eat! 

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